• BIDMA 2017

  • Committee

    • Honorary Chair
    • Jon RokneUniversity of Calgary, Canada
    • General Chairs
    • Reda Alhajj, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Behrouz Far, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Program Chairs
    • Academic Track:
    • Mehmet Kaya, Firat University, Turkey
    • Mahmood Mousavi, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Industry Track:
    • Mohammad Moshirpour, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Tansel Ozyer, TOBB University, Turkey
    • Thesis Track:
    • Elham Akhond Zadeh Noughabi, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Communications Chair
    • Jalal Kawash, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Publicity Chair
    • Manmeet DhaliwalUniversity of Calgary, Canada
    • Registration Chairs
    • Yasaman AmannejadUniversity of Calgary, Canada
    • Tamer Jarada University of Calgary, Canada
    • Local Arrangement Chairs
    • Sepideh Afkhami GoliUniversity of Calgary, Canada
    • Salim AfraUniversity of Calgary, Canada
    • Raoufeh HashemianUniversity of Calgary, Canada
    • Web Chair
    • Tansel OzyerTOBB University, Turkey
Welcome to BIDMA 2017

International Symposium on Big Data Management and Analytics

Important Information for International Participants:
International participants will be allowed to present remotely only in case none of the authors is able to attend the conference in person due to visa issues. Authors interested in presenting remotely should contact communications chair Jalal Kawash to share the visa refusal document issued by Canadian Consulate.

The organizing committee is delighted to invite you to BIDMA, the first International Symposium on Big Data Management and Analytics to be held on magnificent Canadian prairies land and Rocky Mountains foothill in Calgary on April 17-18, 2017.
Symposium on big data management and analytics aims to bring together leading experts from academia and industry to discuss effective and efficient approaches in dealing with the inherent complexity and increasing demands in "Data Science", aka all aspects related to Big Data.
Since cloud computing has turned computing and software into everyday services, the business revolution aspect of Big Data has become as challenging and interesting as technical revolution. Insights and impacts of various types of services (infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, software as a service, and business process as a service) have to be studied and re-examined.
Big Data Management and Analytics Symposium 2017 major topics include but not limited to: (check the call-for-papers link for more detailed list of topics)
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Big Data Modeling
  • Big Data as a Service
  • Big Data for Vertical Industries (Government, Healthcare, etc.)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Toolkits
  • Big Data Open Platforms
  • Economic Analysis
  • Big Data for Enterprise Transformation
  • Big Data in Business Performance Management
  • Big Data for Business Model Innovations and Analyticse
  • Big Data in Enterprise Management Models and Practices
  • Big Data in Government Management Models and Practices
  • Big Data in Smart Planet Solutions
  • Data Analytics for Health Care
  • Big Data Representation, Acquisition , Storage and retrieval
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Big Data in Education

Symposium Sponsored By:

IEEE University of Calgary